Your boyfriend or girlfriend Boyfriend Keeps Rejecting you – Change His Attitude By Using Male Psychology

When your ex boyfriend keeps rejecting every attempt you make to contact him, getting your pet back might seem impossible. However he may not be as stubborn as he seems to be and he is just enjoying the sight of you begging him to want you again. All it may take will be making him change his attitude and you can do that by using male mindset to get inside his head and make him come running after you once again.

If you let your ex know that you are desperate to have him back, he is going to keep rejecting you. It’ s not that he doesn’ t enjoy you anymore, it’ s just the way men are. It feeds their particular ego to have a lovely girl like you throwing yourself at him but it will surely be hard for him to give it up. Besides he planned the breakup and you were in a condition of shock which gave your pet the advantage from the start. So you have to stop playing his game.

Once you turn items around and make your ex boyfriend play your game, his attitude will change instantly. But , to do that you have to use several male psychology to get inside his head and make him start considering losing you. Stop thinking that your ex is hard to understand, he is the same guy that you had running in circles after you a few months ago.

What do you think made him case you when he first met you. Sure, he was attracted to your own physical attributes, but more than it turned out his pride and ego. This individual probably made the first move on you and your instinct took over and you acted like you were not interested in him. That obtained inside his head and bruised his ego. But , now he could be acting like he is no longer interested in you and you are feeding his self confidence by chasing him.

It’ s easy to understand what has happened here. The particular roles have become reversed and you won’ t get your ex boyfriend back unless you put things back into their appropriate order. You have to make your ex start chasing you again. Two people can’ big t be chasing each other at the same time, which means that to make him chase you once again, you have to stop chasing him.

Just walking away and ignoring him might be a scary thing to do. You are afraid to leave him alone because you think he will forget you and find somebody else. But , the opposite will be more likely to take place and he will be shocked that you could deny him and walk away. Suddenly this individual can’ t take you pertaining to granted anymore and you have regained his desire.

By showing your ex boyfriend that you can move on without him, all of his plans are ruined and having you ignore him is something he won’ t be able to get. By using some simple male mindset you can have him chasing you once again in record time.

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  • Michael:

    Your boyfriend or girlfriend-boyfriend/or girlfriend is dating someone that kind of appears like you? You realize such as the same hair or same color, same style while you do? Etc.

    How would you act in case your Ex’s new partner is attempting to appear as if you? That which you been believing that your boyfriend or girlfriend most likely will have feelings for you personally or what? What’s your opinion?

  • Krazy Bob:

    I can not stop missing my old boyfriend. I simply cannot. I miss our reminiscences, . It’s 2 yrs now and that i can’t stop missing him. We can’t reconcile. I’m so obsessive about him. All day every day i keep considering him only. How do i stop this?

  • PolishPokeyPimp:

    Do you know the signs an old boyfriend of the long-term relationship continues to have feelings for that one they love? Or still loves his ex-girlfriend? Or signs he really wants to settle your differences together with her but at this time is not the best time?

    Also exactly what does it mean as he states irrrve never say never after i request him can we ever finish support together?


    my old boyfriend and that i split dad died in The month of january exactly the same month we began speaking therefore it was type of hard,but he earned me feel good.incidentally me and him was raised together since first grade therefore we know one another before and were buddies before .i’ve been depressed recently and didn’t wish to get out there and go places .she got fed up with not seeing me .i didn’t simply tell him i had been depressed .we’re both attending college but also, he works and does things with family .both of us told one another we loved one another .i feel like i screwed up our relationship since i was holding things real question is how do you obtain a second chance with my first love .i wish to start out slow however i likewise want our friendship to become like before he was honestly my closest friend.i’ve deactivated my facebook and erased his number. so i wouldn’t function as the crazy ex and text or take a look at his page. I’m attempting to change my ways also.

  • Gage:

    HelloI am dating with my ex men cousin .my ex and that i split up about 4years ago .I really like my boyfriend now while he loves and respects me and that he showd me what love is really .he’s there for me personally and that he values me like a lady . I shouldn’t loose him while he honestly loves me.Whatrrrs your opinion about this ? Could it be wrong ? So what can i actually do ? He makes me happy.

  • Ed D:

    I have a boyfriend for 10 years. We live together with no kids. I met my boyfriend after my ex boyfriend. I was with my ex boyfriend for 6 years we broke up because he got a girl pregnant that was the end of our relationship. I’ve been having these dreams off & on for 2 years now. I don’t know what it means. The dreams was always about him & I getting back with each other. I’ll see him sometimes in those times I’ve been wanted to talk to him but don’t know what to say. Please Help!!!
    After the dreams I feel like I miss him. My current relationship we starting to lack spending time with each other.

  • Picean:

    each night i keep having a dream about my ex boyfriend that we get back together…does this mean anything?

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